Bills fan asking everyone to send thank you cards to the team

Justine Janora wrote a post on Facebook – asking Bills fans to write a thank you card and send it to the team! She wrote: “Ladies, how about we send heartfelt “Thank You” cards to our team? We do many generous acts for other teams that helped us, let’s uplift our own! ❤🏈💙🏈❤🏈💙🏈❤🏈💙” I saw […]

Greatest NFL comeback of ALL time – 27 years ago today

It seems like yesterday but it was actually 1993! Yep. On this day – January 3, 1993, the Buffalo Bills put together the greatest comeback in NFL history. Trailing Houston 35-3 early in the second half of an AFC Wild Card Game, the Bills and quarterback Frank Reich rallied – throwing for four second-half touchdowns […]

Former Pediatric Nurse loses her pet, her home and all belongings in a terrible house fire – the community is stepping up to help.

For years – Juliana Slater dedicated much of her time and heart to helping children. The former Children’s Hospital pediatric nurse can now use our help and prayers.  The mother and grandmother lost her Lancaster home of 27 years, her pet and her belongings to a devastating fire. Slater is recovering from her injuries and […]