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Today is International Firefighter’s Day – and we’re celebrating 20-year BFD veteran, Shannon Whitney!

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It’s impossible not to be in awe of people who run into burning buildings to save complete strangers.

Firefighters truly are the bravest. We celebrate and thank them everyday – but considering today is International Firefighter’s Day – we thought we’d highlight just one of Buffalo’s bravest.

Shannon Whitney has been a firefighter for the City of Buffalo for 20 years!

That’s him, in the bucket AFTER he ran in one of the burning houses to check for people.

His wife, Carrie, shared some photos from a recent house explosion and fire in North Buffalo. Carrie told us a bit about her husband, “Anytime he is not working, he goes to our boys’ hockey games. He also volunteers to work the scoreboard. He is never one for recognition, he does his job because he loves to help others.”

Shannon is the youngest of six kids and grew up in Buffalo.

Carrie says she is very proud of her husband – and we can sure see why!

Thank you to Shannon and all of the brave firefighters – both paid and volunteers – who work so hard to keep all of us safe!!!


Photo credit: Joe Cascio Photography

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