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The Ice Piles are Stunning but also Dangerous

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Hamburg Emergency Services Officials have a warning for those getting too close to those enormous piles of snow and ice.

They’ve made a Facebook Post urging folks to stay back!


“We are seeing a lot of citizens down in the Hoover Beach neighborhood looking at the ice shove piles.

In addition to citizens photographing the area, some are making unsafe decisions to go out on the ice shove piles, climbing them.

We are asking citizens to please STAY OFF the piles. They are comprised of extremely heavy slabs of ice, precariously stacked, are unstable and very hazardous. Their stability is constantly changing.

Additionally, we ask that you respect the privacy of the residents and business owners in the Hoover Beach Community, and do not trespass on their property to get photos. While it is a remarkable sight to see, the residents and business owners are looking at how close their homes and businesses were to getting severely damaged. Please, respect their privacy.

Citizens are also reminded that vehicular traffic is prohibited on Woodlawn Beach. We have experienced an increase of pedestrian and vehicle traffic on Woodlawn Beach, with people climbing the ice shove piles there as well.

We can’t stress enough how dangerous those piles are. While we appreciate the opportunity for a once in a lifetime photo, it needs to be realized the extreme danger that it poses.

Please respect the request.”

(Photos courtesy: Town of Hamburg Emergency Services)


Mary Friona

Mary Friona

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