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Stolen Van Was Filled With Special Equipment for Owner’s Disabled Son

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UPDATE: The van has been located!

A call to action has been sent out on Social Media.  Susan Cybulski Nardozzi is sharing photos of Eddie – the man who relies on the van that was snatched last night. The van is filled with special equipment needed by the owner’s disabled son.

This is the post,

“This is Eddie and his parents….this is the young man whose dad had his only vehicle, a 2005 Dodge van, stolen on Harlem Road in Cheektowaga NY last night around 6pm. It is a piece of crap vehicle..but Eddie’s only ride…here is a young man, 37 years old, still at home being cared for by these loving parents and his big sister Rachael, whose biggest JOY in his little life is “going for a ride in the van!!!” and “wanna take a walk in the stroller to gramma’s house???” …. His response so full of love and excitement…now some useless fool has Eddie’s things but also has his dad, Edward Kast, bag which contained his harmonicas which he plays songs for Eddie on while they drive around…PLEASE… Someone has this stuff…it is of no importance to anyone but them…It takes a month for them to get him a new stroller…someone just ruined the rest of his fall. And hurt my family that already have it tough..but view it as the biggest blessing in their lives..please share…2005 GREY DODGE VAN, LICENSE PLATE IS A WHITE NY PLATE: COSMIC1. “


If you have any information, call your local police department.  The family is asking that you share the story and keep your eyes out for the van.


Posted by Susan Cybulski Nardozzi on Monday, September 24, 2018


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