Did I mention I’m about to be a …. um … a … grandmother


I’m going to be a grandmother.

I hope you’re thinking – wow, Mary you seem far too young for that! 🙂 If not, it’s okay. I’m not and well, this is proof!  My daughter, Maria is having a baby and she’s due NEXT month! Can you even believe that?

I’m not sure it’s really registered quite yet. I mean, I know he’s coming. I see the belly. I get the – mom what is this or that or how does this or that work or … is it going to hurt – questions. I’ve shopped – a lot – for baby clothes, threw a baby shower and the list goes on and on. So, yes, I know he’s coming. But – honestly, I’m not sure it has truly clicked yet. My baby is having a baby. OMG!

And yes – it’s a HE! A boy. A baby boy. With four girls – that is something I’m not used to – and VERY excited about!!! Again, back to the shopping… lol.

I’ve been wanting to blog about this for a while – so I’m happy to finally be getting around to it.

I found out about the baby a while ago. Maria was over visiting, hanging out with us and she seemed a bit – OFF. I kept asking her if she was okay and she just kept saying yes. I didn’t want to pry too much. Okay, of course I wanted to pry – I’m her mother! So I asked again and again. Finally, the poor thing started crying. WHAT IS WRONG?

Her face was filled with worry as she said, “I’m late.” Then it went something like this: “Okay, late for what? Oh. wait. Late, late??? Oh, that kind of late. Okay, how late?”

She told me she was pretty sure she was pregnant. Now, how would you expect me to act during that moment in time?

She’s 23.

She’s engaged but not married.


She’s my baby.

She’s been through SO much.

So how would you expect me to act?

Yeah, I didn’t know either. I asked her why she was so afraid to tell me. She said she didn’t think I’d be mad, but she didn’t want to disappoint me.


She didn’t.

I told her to make a doctor’s appointment and we will see what happens.

She did. And a few days later it was confirmed. I had so many feelings at once. Excitement, anxiety, happiness.

But no disappointment. No sadness.

I will say this: there have been a few people who really disappointed me with their response. One person actually said – Oh, no! LIKE REALLY? Oh-no?

Oh yeah. Rude, right!?

This was not planned but what an incredible surprise. A baby!!!!! Anyone who knows me – knows how much I love babies.

Maria and RJ have been engaged for three years, together for six years. Do I wish they would have been married first? I mean, maybe – but who cares about that. They love each other – and watching them during this time has been heartwarming. Seeing the excitement and love has been so special for me – I can’t even put it into words.

Maria has been through hell and back. HELL and BACK. Her accident TEN years ago changed her (and me) forever. After the accident – she became shy, quiet, fearful, scared, anxious – just a different girl. The scars up and down her leg bothered her so much at first. But I’ll tell you what – this kid is so strong and amazing that she just kept on going. She was different – no more all-star soccer or softball – but she had her friends, family and faith. Then when RJ came along – she had him, too.

So now – eight months later – we wait. I’ve been to just about every doctor’s appointment – at Maria’s request by the way! It’s been such a joy. It’s even more special because we have the same doctor and he is literally the MOST AMAZING doctor ever.

And we wait.

It’s taking forever to get here! February 23rd is the due date. So – if you’re my FB friend.. be forewarned – there will likely be a few photos shared!! 🙂 And if you’re not – why not??

And then next year, the wedding! There’s so much to celebrate!


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I’ll be in touch soon – with photos of my grandbaby. By the way, I’m not sure I will be called grandma – I’m hoping to find just the right name for me. If you have any ideas… let me know!!!!!!


Mary Friona

Mary Friona

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