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Local small business owner understands why they canceled the parade but says it’s really gonna hurt him!

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Okay, Buffalo and Western New York – this local small business needs our help!

Jeff Morreale went all out for St. Patrick’s Day!

The owner of Buffalo Apparel Company at 1415 Hertel Avenue stocked up on everything green. “This time of year is really slow and St. Patrick’s Day is kinda the only thing that helps,” Jeff told me in a phone interview, “I’ve invested a couple thousand dollars in merchandise for the parades and now I just don’t know what I’m gonna do.”

His plan was to sell at The Old First Ward Parade as he has for years – but with the cancellation, he’s stuck. “I don’t know what I”m gonna do, that’s my income for the month.” Of course he understands why officials canceled – but being understanding won’t pay the rent! That’s where we come in!

Jeff is such a good guy – and works hard showing off Buffalo pride! Now, hopefully we can help him by showing our Buffalo pride! Let’s get down to Hertel and help him SELL OUT. These shirts, hoodies, socks, pillows and more are so adorable – they’d look perfect on you!

The shop will be open Friday from 12-5 and Saturday 11-5 – and on Saturday Jeff will put a table outside – so you don’t even have to go in! Just stop by, pick up some awesome merchandise and lets help this small business!

Buffalo Apparel Company

1415 Hertel Avenue, Buffalo


By the way – you can also order online JUST CLICK HERE. 






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