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Local shop is helping sick kids – and you can, too

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The folks at The Perfect Gift in Clarence are collecting gifts for the kids in Oishei Children’s Hospital’s Blood Infusion Unit.

Many of the children are battling cancer and life-long diseases and could use a pick-me-up. Deb Tangelder says it’s something very important to her, “Our hearts ? go out to them I have done several gift drives for them, but I just really felt I should do this now again, some of the stories are hard coming out of there ….these people need a blessing.”

We couldn’t agree more.

Please drop off any ‘activity’ type gifts such as crafts, games, or cards. They will help keep the kids a little occupied during some very tough times.

Donors will receive a coupon as a thank you.

More information on the Perfect Gift Facebook Page. 

Mary Friona