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Local family turns home into prom central as they celebrate the best way they can!

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Parenting is hard. Parenting during a pandemic turns hard into close to impossible.

Sometimes, you have to think outside the box. The Metzler family – together – did just that!





They turned their home into prom central!!!!!! Complete with lights, balloons and much more!


Yes, Grace was missing her formal Niagara Wheatfield prom – but her parents, Ann and Tom Metzler just couldn’t let their girl miss out on the overall experience – so they made a plan!
“We tried to make it as special as we could. Her brothers surprised her & dressed up for her ❤️❤️. Dad came thru with a beautiful corsage. Dear Nana & Papa wouldn’t miss it!”




For Ann Wagner Metzler – letting her daughter miss out on that prom experience was just unacceptable.


They made a plan, invited Grace’s besties over and got their family involved!



It turned out to be just a beautiful night – one that Grace will surely never forget!




Congratulations, Grace! You are beautiful!!!!!


Ann loved the response from others after we shared her photos!  “WOW!! We didn’t expect so many others would think our “special night” was that great, but apparently they do. It’s a wonder what some old Christmas lights and few decorations can do to liven up a room 🤗. I’m glad our mini prom event gave other people a smile and good feeling. Grace and her girlfriends loved it and had a good time, so our goal was achieved!”

Mary Friona

Mary Friona

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