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Lifestyle and Fitness Expert advice – Don’t waste time – Exercise Efficiently

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Written by Lifestyle Contributor, Andrea Merrill 


When time is short, what’s the best way to get your cardio in? INTERVALS! Interval training can be done on any piece of equipment, or even with no equipment at all. Using the principle of working really hard for a very short period of time, and then backing off for a bit before going hard again, you can train your heart and burn a ton of calories in a short period of time. Grab your stopwatch, choose your cardio method (run, swim, bike, jump rope – whatever!) and try this 20 minute circuit:

– 1 minute – Warm up (easy ride, swim or walk)

– 3 minutes – Pick up your pace a little

– 2 minutes – Pick up pace even more (just shy of your hardest effort)

– 20 second “sprint” (hardest effort), 20 second “recovery” (back off)

– 30 second sprint, 30 second recovery

– 45 second sprint, 45 second recovery

– 60 second sprint, 60 second recovery

– 90 second sprint, 90 second recovery

– 1 minute walk or cool down

– 3 minutes – Pick pace back up a little

– 1 minute cool down

If you ever find yourself with questions about your fitness or nutrition routines, I’d love to help! You can follow me on Instagram and Facebook as andreamerrillwellness, or join my weekly classes at Rebel Ride in Clarence and Crunch Fitness in Williamsville.


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