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Lewistown, PA woman builds beautiful Christmas backdrop & invites those who can’t afford Christmas photos to use it!

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It’s an amazingly generous thing to do.  A Lewistown woman has posted a photo of a beautiful Christmas set and has invited anyone to use it! It’s not exactly in our backyard – it’s in Lewistown, PA… but we just had to share!

Here is the post that Beth Noss put on her page!

“For anyone you may know who cannot afford Christmas photos my fence will be up and decorated for Saturday and Sunday December 16 and 17th. From 9 am to 4:30 pm. You can take your own photos with your phone or camera. The address is 20 Edgewater Ave, Lewistown.”

When I asked Beth why she felt the need to do this – she said she just had to, “I’m a photographer and I’m booked solid through Christmas Eve. I have so many people asking for Christmas photos and I just don’t have the time. Plus a lot of people who want Christmas photos can’t afford them. Last year I set up a scene and did free mini sessions to anyone who showed up. Next year I want to take a weekend to set up a new scene and have Santa Claus and do free mini sessions for people. I see so many families who just don’t have the money and I can’t imagine not having photos in my life. I had to do it.”

What a kind and generous thing to do.


Mary Friona

Mary Friona

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