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Hotel chain offers discount for those who LOCK UP their cell phones!

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It may not be a huge discount, but we think this is pretty cool.

Wyndham Hotels recently did a survey and found that 54% of children believe their parents check their phones “too often” and 32% say they feel “unimportant” when their parents are distracted by screens.

(Insert pang of guilt here)

So, the hotel chain is doing something to help. They’re launching a program that gives traveling families a discount in exchange – are you ready for this – for locking away those phones. Yes, you read that correctly!


“We saw parents hopping on a quick conference call in the lobby, and some hotels have had to order extra pool chairs because guests are swimming less and swiping more, eschewing dips in the pool for iPad time on poolside loungers,” Noelle Nicolai, who developed the Wyndham initiative, told Travel + Leisure.

So, the “Reconnected Program” will offer hotel guests a 5% discount to those who opt in. The promotion runs from Feb. 23 to Sept. 3.

Here is how it will work:

  • Guests will receive a lock box to put away their smartphones.
  • The box has a timer and will not open until the time expires.

Worry you’ll miss those family pics? No need… guests will also find a blanket fort for kids and a disposable camera in their rooms! And you can always bring an actual camera!

So, what do you think!?

Mary Friona

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    They have list their ever living minds!!!! Why would I lock away my phone for a MEASLY 5% discount! I have important calls that come in at all hours….. you want me to lock my phone away for 5%?!?!? LOL….also, what about emergencies!!!! You gonna put phones throughout your hotels like the old days?

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