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High Tech Dentistry in WNY

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A beautiful smile is something that everyone can appreciate, especially at the holidays.  Getting those pearly whites at a dentist’s office can be a less than pleasant experience.   That is unless you visit Dr. Edward Dwyer and his staff in West Seneca.  They are committed to delivering the best quality dentistry in a relaxing environment – by combining the best technology with caring and considerate staff.

Dr. Dwyer offers CEREC Technology.  Never heard of it?  CEREC enables his office to place crowns, inlays and onlays in just one visit. He understands that your time is valuable.  “In today’s world, everybody is stretched to the limit. CEREC allows us to do in one visit what normally takes 2-3 visits.”

Here’s how CEREC Technology works:

  • A special camera takes a digital impression of a prepared tooth for the dental restoration.
  • The image is displayed on a computer where CAD (Computer-Assisted Design) technology is used to design the restoration.
  • An in-house milling machine using CAM (Computer-Assisted Manufacture) technology mills your restoration out of a ceramic block.
  • The restoration is placed and your treatment is complete.

What this means is – you, the patient, don’t have to worry about wearing a temporary crown which can cause sensitivity.  Ever have that temporary crown break or fall out between visits waiting for the laboratory to make the crown?  That won’t happen with CEREC.  It not only provides a beautiful all ceramic restoration but saves the patient multiple visits to the dentist.  Dr. Dwyer says the person that benefits most from CEREC Technology is really the patient.  “It means less time off from work, more time to do what you want to do and more opportunity to be with your family and friends!”

When you think of a dentist appointment is a noisy drill or a painful needle the first things that come to mind?  Not the case at Dr. Dwyer’s office.  He’s also proud to own a Waterlase MD dental laser, which means a pain-free experience.

Using a process called HydroPhotonics, the Waterlase dental laser uses laser energy, combined with a spray of water, to perform a wide range of procedures comfortably. Plus, this laser can be used for canker or cold sore treatment, in addition to fillings and other hard and soft tissue procedures.

As if CEREC and Waterlase isn’t enough, Dr. Dwyer has also invested in Digital Radiography.  That means high resolution routine dental images with much less x-ray exposure to the patient. Dr. Dwyer says there are real advantages of digital radiography. “It makes us able to detect a cavity sooner and treat it while it is very small saving valuable tooth structure. The patient is also receiving about 90% less radiation exposure, a big improvement.”

How about a 3D picture of your teeth?  CBCT advanced imaging technology allows Dr. Dwyer’s office to take 3D imaging of the jaws to catch early signs of gum disease and to plan future replacement of missing teeth with implants. CBCT imaging, combined with CEREC, enables Dr. Dwyer’s office to digitally plan a dental implant restoration from start to finish.

Dr. Dwyer takes all of the most advanced technology and combines it with the best staff.  “The experience we bring to our patients is second to none. We make sure you are comfortable and are well informed. We will discuss any questions you have about your dental care. It is important for our patients to feel comfortable about the care they are receiving.”


To contact Dr. Dwyer or to find out more about his office head to his website.

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