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Earth Day and …. a Pet Pig!

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Written by Kristina Miller – Totally Buffalo Contributor


I decided to ask my kids yesterday what Earth Day is. I don’t think this was a complete mom fail, but certainly not a win.

Earth day 2018 actually has a theme; to end plastic pollution. If google didn’t tell me that, I wouldn’t have known it either so don’t feel bad quite yet.

My 11-year-old did a pretty good job of describing Earth Day as a day to clean up the earth, don’t litter, save energy, and take care of the earth. He even added that Daddy does that everyday at his job. My husband works for an environmental company so yes he does!  Yep, proud mom moment right there.  Until I thought, what if he doesn’t realize that we should be doing all those things everyday to take care of the Earth.  And…mom fail moment.

My 9 year old twins had similar responses to what earth day was. Upon hearing that the theme for Earth Day 2018 is to end plastic pollution they declared that we shouldn’t use plastic on Earth Day. I’ll just leave that there for you. Again, the small mom win was cancelled out by a fail once again.

My daughter argued that Earth Day was actually Friday because that’s what her teacher said.  I choose my battles with her. I think she’s a teenager in a 9-year-old’s body. I chose not to argue that point and just say ok.

What did I learn about Earth Day?  I learned that you don’t ask an 11 or 9-year-old to explain Earth Day.  I decided I need to take more time to educate them about how to take care of the environment everyday, not just on Earth Day.  I also remembered why I appreciate teachers.  That was the most painful conversation of my day and I only have 3 kids.

As we headed outside with our newly filled water jugs in hand, into the yard to see our little buddy, we did have a small Earth Day moment. My son exclaimed that Chopper is saving the Earth everyday! We bring him his water in plastic refillable water bottles.

One thankful piggy that is doing his part to end plastic pollution on the Earth equals a piggy mommy win. I’ll take it!

Be sure to check out Earth Day events in your area.   The Buffalo Museum of Science  and Tifft Nature Preserve have activities planned for Earth Day today!

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