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Dogs left outside in brutal temps, poor conditions at nearby attraction, woman claims (WARNING: very disturbing video)

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When I first saw this post, I was heartbroken.  I have never heard of dog sledding as a tourist activity. The videos are very disturbing. We have reached out to the company and are waiting to hear back. We are not saying the name of the business until we hear back from them.


Here is what we know.

A woman named Natasha Guerriero posted about an experience she had at a ‘Dog Sledding’ attraction in Toronto.

This is how she describes what she saw,

“We get there and all I can hear are the dogs barking(I just thought they were howling like my huskies…nope)
We get passed all the trees and there are hundreds of dogs, chained up with 1 metre of room to sleep/eat/ and sh&@.  At first we were thinking they were only out there to get switched every time there was dog sledding to be done. But that’s not the case.. these dogs LIVE all day and all night with broken wooden houses and straw to keep them warm. Talking to the people was like the dogs were living in heaven.. they thought nothing about how they lived. One of the people working there told us not to get too close because they don’t get washed very often.. you could definitely tell petting just one because we were full with dirt from their coat and sh*# from their paws because there was no place else for them to go but where they sleep.”

Natasha is writing this to get the word out…

“I really want everyone who has a heart to SHARE THIS.. this is not a type of company that should be run let alone trying to Care for hundreds of dogs.. the first video is very sad.. all the dogs were super skinny and were begging to just be loved ? please share ❤️

The videos are disturbing.


Posted by Natasha Guerriero on Sunday, January 28, 2018

Posted by Natasha Guerriero on Sunday, January 28, 2018

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