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Coast Guard Saves Puppy Stuck on Canal Ice Thanks to Some Quick-Thinking Animal Lovers!!

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Talk about being in the right place at the right time!

A dog was trapped on the ice at the canal this afternoon – but thankfully some bystanders stepped in to help!

Jackie Lovern is the founder of Fetch Gourmet Dog Treats so it’s not at all surprising the dog lover stepped in to help! “I saw the dog on the ice from my office at 301 Ohio Street,’ Jackie told me, “I immediately tried to contact the SPCA and when I couldn’t get a hold of them I called 911. Me and a couple of my coworkers grabbed some dog treats and ran outside to try and get the dog to come to shore.”

That wasn’t working… but the animal lovers did not give up.

“He was so scared he just kept walking back and forth. He had to of been out there for at least an hour that I know of. Then the coast guard showed up and we pointed out where he went. Those brave men got on the ice and walked from before the new row house almost to Riverworks. The dog then tried to jump to shore but his legs kept breaking through the ice. He finally was able to get himself up, safe to land. He then started to run along shore and then I couldn’t see him. One of the other tenants said to me when I was back at my desk that he was on the ice again but I couldn’t see him. I pray that they were able to finally rescue him. He must have been so scared!!! I would have jumped in the water if necessary I didn’t even care.”

Thankfully, it didn’t come to that! According to a Facebook post, the pooch was saved and taken to the Buffalo Animal Shelter.  We tried to call them but they didn’t answer – they must be busy caring for the cute little lady. Now, it’s time to help find her owner!

Way to go, Jackie!!

Folks, if you ever need dog treats — I mean come on – you have to check out Fetch!!!

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