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Channel 4 reporter “gets” what Totally Buffalo means!

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So, it’s pretty cool that we are getting press for this site! Channel 4 called yesterday to set up an interview, which is amazing. I know an awful lot of wonderful journalists here in Buffalo, but I hadn’t met Angela Christoforos yet. She showed up – with her camera, her tripod and everything else a multi-media journalist might need. Including a smile.

She was sweet – but she’s not from Buffalo – so I wasn’t sure she’d get the Totally Buffalo concept. Angela is from Massachusetts. (Oh, i forgot to ask her if she’s a Pats fan -but I’d assume so) I won’t hold it against her. lol

Anyway, I was totally surprised that she had it all figured out. Buffalo, I mean. In just a few short years, she figured out how great Buffalo is. How the ‘City of Good Neighbors’ title is actually reality-based. I’ve worked with people who came and went – and never got that.

Angela takes the time to get to know the people and places of this area. For that – regardless of how long she stays or where she ends up – she’ll be better off. It’s something we should all do – take in our surroundings, appreciate what there is to offer, and be grateful for our opportunities.


Mary Friona

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