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Family overwhelmed with support after their cell phone, loaded with pictures of their dying baby girl, was stolen.

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Jessica Seneca tells me that she is absolutely overwhelmed by all of the support she’s received in the past 24-hours, “Honestly I’m astonished at the support and prayers that we have been receiving! Especially with all the networking that I’ve done and people that I have met, plus the support that we’ve learned so far that we can receive from working with hospice.”

Jessica and her husband Dana are spending time cuddling and loving their newborn baby girl, Diana. The sweet baby was born with a rare neurological disorder.  Diana is two weeks old, but her family has no idea how much longer she will be alive. She is home now, but on Hospice care.

As most families do, the Seneca’s have been snapping pictures up since the moment Diana was born. They were supposed to be pictures to treasure forever. But, the cell phone the pictures were taken with was taken Sunday night from the Ronald McDonald House Family Lounge inside Oishei Children’s Hospital.

Those pictures. Those moments. Gone.

The parents are hoping whoever took the phone, will return it, no questions asked.

And the community hopes so, too.


For Jessica and Dana, every moment is a blessing right now and they are soaking it all in, “We thought we would be almost alone in all of this, but aside from family, the support and love we have had from others – couldn’t be more thankful!”


If you have any leads on this cell phone, contact Oishei Children’s Hospital.

Mary Friona

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    Can someone go and take professional pictures for this family?? That would be nice for them to have. If I was a photographer I would do it!!


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