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A moment in time that has touched thousands of WNYers. Why this photo of Buffalo Police Officers went viral

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Kaitlyn McNamara was just getting her morning coffee when something unexpected happened. Here’s how she put it in a Facebook post that has gone viral!

“This morning I stopped to get a coffee at the Tim Hortons inside the Mobile Gas Station at Lexington and Elmwood. There was a homeless woman and her dog sitting outside. A few minutes later, two Buffalo Police Officers pulled up and came inside. As I waited for my coffee, I saw that they were buying dog food and dog treats. When they approached the woman, she immediately seemed nervous as if she might be getting in trouble. I don’t think I will ever forget the way her face lit up when the officers handed her the bags and asked to pet her dog. This was so selfless and brought immediate tears to my eyes. Kindness: it’s an incredible thing. ? Buffalo Police Department”

I asked Kaitlyn what the moment meant to her – she answered just how I thought she might, “Instant tears! Picked up the phone to call my sister right away and she started crying too. Just a beautiful, joyful way to start a Sunday morning. Feeling blessed to have witnessed it.”

And about the picture and post going viral – Kaitlyn was happy and a bit shocked, “Unbelievable! I was not expecting that much of a reaction at all. Thought maybe a few dozen likes but thousands!? Crazy. Then again… this is Buffalo. Greatest city in the world.”

Yes it is.


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    I’m really happy to hear about some good the Buffalo Police officer has done towards this pet showing kindness for a change instead of all the negativity that’s happened in the past concerning our beloved pets in our city. I only hope and pray that it will continue getting better all the time from this day forward.


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