26 Shirts helps families during their darkest time

The concept is pretty simple. A new shirt – every two weeks. Each one with pretty cool artwork. Each one to benefit a different person. The are all different – but, they are all the same, too. They all help a family in need.

For Del Reid, who has now spread the 26 shirts love to Chicago, Cincinnati, and Pittsburgh –  it’s about doing the right thing.

They’ve raised a mind-boggling $336,888 so far. From t-shirts. Amazing!

Del tells me they can’t do it alone, “Without contributing artists, sponsors, and of course customers, this idea goes nowhere.”

The latest shirt is going to help sweet baby Anastasia. The 8-month-old is fighting an inoperable brain tumor.  In spite of all of the tests and procedures Ana has endured,  there are multiple tests that still need to be done in order to try and figure out what the best course of treatment is.

Brent, Lenee, 4-year-old Chase and little Anastasia all have a long road ahead of them. They have mounting medical bills, and unimaginable stress and sorrow.

26-shirts is selling the ‘Reino’ shirt – and $8 of every shirt sold goes to help this family during this difficult time. THIS IS THE FINAL WEEKEND SO HURRY!!!

For Del, this work is a blessing, “It’s a tremendous honor to be able to do this for people who find themselves in what is, for all intents and purposes, their darkest hours. The praise we get for doing this is humbling – I do my best to remind people that we are all accomplishing this together as a team.”

If  you’d like to buy a shirt – head to 26 shirts. 

If you’d like to donate money to the family you can go to Anastasia’s gofundme page.

A huge thank to Del and his crew for making a difference, changing the game, and caring so much for this community.


Mary Friona