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21-year-old Buffalonian tells Harry Connick, Jr. all about her amazing project; Rocks of Unity!

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It all started at one school in Buffalo – and it’s gone on to become a huge, grassroots movement! Alexa Zappia created Rocks of Unity. 

Alexa is from Williamsville and is finishing up her last few months at St. John Fisher College. She’s clearly off to do some amazing things. Today, she shared her story with Harry Connick, Jr. on his show, “Oh my gosh, he was the most down to earth person you could ever meet,” Alexa told me in a phone interview. She was excited to promote her message, “We have to highlight our differences instead of hiding our differences.”



That’s really what Rocks of Unity is all about. She goes to schools and businesses and helps make these incredible rock gardens which highlight what makes everyone special. It’s all about acceptance, kindness, unity and positivity.

Alexa holds educational workshops on diversity and differences. She promotes all, welcomes all and hopes to show that kindness will always reign louder than hate.

For more information, contact Alexa at Rocksofunity@gmail.com

Here’s the clip from the Harry Connick, Jr. show!

Way to go, Alexa! It has to be said… you rock!



Here’s a previous story we did about Alexa and her initiative.

Local College student spreads kindness & unity and it rocks!


Mary Friona