Bills Superfan Pancho Billa Has Passed Away

HEARTBREAKING UPDATE: We’ve been following his journey for years. The Buffalo Bills Superfan who showed us what team dedication and love was all about – even in the tough times. Ezra Castro – the man behind the mask – has battled cancer and we are sad to report – the husband and father has passed […]

Anonymous Couple Buys Lunch for 18 Members of our Military

Talk about generosity. This is such a heartwarming story – we had to share! A post has been shared hundreds of times and it is a simple post, with a simple message – that is simply incredible! Alyssa Zehler posted this photo on Facebook. This is the post! “To the couple that paid for 18 […]

Family in need of help after losing EVERYTHING

It’s an awful situation for a wonderful Western New York family. We are sharing their story with the hopes they will get some help from our amazing community. It all started on a FREEZING cold January day at their Springville home. “At the time my wife, Kaitlyn, was six months pregnant with our second child, […]