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World Octopus Day at the Aquarium of Niagara

October 8th is World Octopus Day and the Aquarium of Niagara is ready to celebrate! Join them for live enrichment sessions with their Giant Pacific octopus, Babs. Enjoy this special event and encounter firsthand what Babs’ trainers do with her during their daily sessions. You’ll also have the chance to talk to the trainers as […]

Earth Day and …. a Pet Pig!

Written by Kristina Miller – Totally Buffalo Contributor   I decided to ask my kids yesterday what Earth Day is. I don’t think this was a complete mom fail, but certainly not a win. Earth day 2018 actually has a theme; to end plastic pollution. If google didn’t tell me that, I wouldn’t have known […]

Children and Grief – letting kids feel what they feel…

Written by Lifestyle Contributor, Darcy Thiel, MA, LMHC, is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in NY State. I am often asked whether children should attend wakes and funerals and my answer is always the same. It depends on your child. Kids should not be shielded from the truth of death, no matter how young they […]

Hotel chain offers discount for those who LOCK UP their cell phones!

It may not be a huge discount, but we think this is pretty cool. Wyndham Hotels recently did a survey and found that 54% of children believe their parents check their phones “too often” and 32% say they feel “unimportant” when their parents are distracted by screens. (Insert pang of guilt here) So, the hotel […]