When you’re part of a singing family, you sing!

When you’re part of a singing family, you sing. That’s what Beth Boron says. And she should know – her family sings loud and proud. I know this first hand from living a few doors down from this wonderful family. We moved two years ago, and still miss the Christmas Caroling they’d do each year […]

One man is jamming – and everyone loves it.

Damon Robertson has been jamming for 22 years! Literally. He makes jams and jellies that fly of shelves and he’s been doing so since he was 16. It started, as most amazing things do, with an incredible mother and grandmother who both loved to cook.  Damon’s love for cooking comes from them. It was a […]

The Royal Pitches… Fierce, Talented, Empowered!

The Royal Pitches is the University at Buffalo’s only all-female acapella group. Since their establishment in 1996, they take pride in using their voices to show the world what an all-female acappella group can achieve; to inspire women everywhere, to maintain the strength and poise, and to overcome adversity. The President of the Royal Pitches,  […]

Who are the Queen City Sweethearts!?

Cheryl Brzezowski, Caitlin Burns and Teri Jo Ritz are the Queen City Sweethearts, a local acapella trio. They have been singing together for the past several years and have a repertoire of popular songs from the 1930s to the present day.  They also have a program specific to the Christmas holiday. And member, Teri Jo […]