Young mom & wife with stage five kidney failure in need of transplant, looking for donor

It is an emotional plea from a loving husband. Matt Povhe’s post is heartbreaking – as he asks for someone to help save his wife, Rachel’s life.  The Gowanda mother has been ill since giving birth to her daughter one year ago.

Here is the post along with information on how you can help.


Some of you may know that my wife, Rachel has been dealing with kidney issues since the birth of our daughter a year ago. Her kidneys do not work well enough to keep her alive and she is at stage five kidney failure. She relies on dialysis three times a week 3 hours per day. This does help her body keep toxins down and keep her alive but has been very difficult with many side effects, with feeling exhausted and ill most days. The best chance of her having a normal life again is to have a kidney transplant.

We have meet with two transplant teams. They have encouraged us to reach out through social media in a search for a living kidney donor. Although this is difficult to put her life and health status out to the public, we know that this is the only way to get the word out to help save her life. Finding a kidney for a transplant is not easy with a 100,000+ people on a waiting list waiting for a deceased donor.

Unfortunately, time is not on her side with most wait times averaging 5 years. Rachel is Type O and can only receive from Type O. Below there is a link for “Kidney Connection” which explains how someone with a different type can still donate through a kidney exchange program.

Asking a friend, family member or complete stranger is very difficult for us but it greatly improves her chance of transplant. I know most people don’t know about living organ donation, we sure didn’t before her kidney failure affected our life. Some are afraid of surgery and what life can be like after donation. Here’s some basic info regarding kidney donation:

◾You only need one kidney to live a long, happy life.

◾You most likely will be back to normal life in 2 weeks

◾You will have a separate team of healthcare professionals to evaluate you as a donor and to understand the risks and benefits and to look out for your best interests

◾The Cost of your evaluation and surgery will be covered by my insurance

Thank you so much for taking the time to read our story. If donating your kidney is something you would unselfishly consider, we would be happy to tell you more about us and the process of living donation and finding out if your a match for her.

Even if becoming a donor isn’t for you, I ask that you consider becoming an organ donor after death. Also we need this message to reach as many people as possible, if you could help by sharing this post and spreading the word of becoming a living donor. I am hopeful that all our efforts will help her receive a kidney sooner and encourage others to consider helping many others on the waiting list. Below is contact information for anyone interested in donation or wanting to learn more about living kidney donation.

ECMC- (716) 898-5001

UPMC HAMOT- (814) 877-3625

Email us:”

Sending our thoughts and prayers to Rachel and her family. Please spread the word and help this young mom find that life-saving kidney.

Mary Friona