Woo-hoo! Tractor Day at North Collins Jr. Sr. High School

Written by Totally Buffalo Contributor, Kristina Miller


The Eagle pride was as bright as the sunshine this morning in North Collins. Today was the annual Tractor Day at the Jr., Sr. High School. Students and alumni were invited to drive their tractors to school in support of the Tractor Day Scholarship Fund which is given annually to a senior involved in agriculture.

High School Principal Mr. Wojcik visited a local farm this morning to pick out his tractor of choice to ride. Superintendent Mr. Taylor was out in the school parking lot to welcome the parade of tractors as they made their way down Route 62 and turned onto School Street. Participants were greeted by fellow classmates and they were able to show off their tractors before school.

Residents lined the streets of North Collins to watch the parade of tractors, take pictures and post videos to social media to show their pride for this small town tradition. Residents can remember this tradition going back at least 20 years and I hope it will continue many more so my kids will be able to do the same.