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Woman walking dogs fatally shot after hunter mistakes her for deer – her husband calls her a true angel.

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Jamie Billquist says he’s trying to hang in there, doing the best he can as he comes to terms with the sudden death of his beloved wife, Rosemary (Rosie) Billquist.

Rosie was shot and killed as she walked her dogs Wednesday evening; a hunter said he mistook her for a deer. Jamie told me this is a very confusing time as he waits for more information, more details on exactly what happened, “Hopefully I’ll find out Monday the situation – I have mixed feelings because we actually know the family.”

Right now though, he’s remembering and grieving his wife – someone who lived life to the fullest. She loved her cat and two dogs – 1-year-old yellow labs who were sisters – like children, “She was an amazing woman. We were together for 27 years she touched a lot of lives, did a lot of volunteering, that’s what made her happy she was an avid marathon runner she likes biking swimming, just a true angel.”


Jamie posted this picture on Facebook with a post saying in part, “I will miss you and love you forever and I know you dancing in heaven with your momma and all of our friends and family that we have lost ❤”

Meantime, The Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Office is working with investigators from the New York Department of Environmental Conservation and the local district attorney’s office to decide if charges will be filed.


Thomas Jadlowski, 34, believed he saw a deer in a field about 200 yards away from him when he shot Rosemary Billquist in the hip with a high-powered pistol. The 43-year-old woman was walking her two Labrador Retrievers in the field behind her home in Sherman.

Jadlowski rushed to her once he heard screaming. He called 911 and applied pressure on her wound until paramedics arrived.  Billquist was taken to the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center in Erie, Pa., where she was pronounced dead.


Mary Friona

Mary Friona

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