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What is a Braid Babe?

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What is a Braid Babe?



That’s a tough question. But to put it simply, YOU are a braid babe.



That’s right – you would look fabulous with a gorgeous braid in your hair.

That’s where the other braidbabes come in! braidbabes is a business that specializes in braiding hair. “Braidbabes was started in 2019 by our founder Emmily,” Moe Hosken, Buffalo braidbabe City Manager tells us,  “She had learned how to braid & quickly saw how many people were requesting to book her for appointments.  Half & Half hosted Emmily for our first ever braidbar & the house was so packed that an employee at Half & Half offered to help Emmily braid the numerous guests that attended the event. This was our first employee, Jess!”



And Moe says braidbabes Buffalo has only grown from there. “We’re fully mobile so babes can book us for an appointment on our website. We offer services from braid appointments, shimmers, full styles, feed ins & bridal. Braiders arrive to the address input at booking at the appointment time, create a beautiful custom braid & offer you an experience including music & Instagram worthy photos.”



So you can make an appointment for yourself, book a party for your friends, or – if you’re a business owner, you can also have the braidbabes at your event or business to braid hair for your customers! Talk about a win-win-win!!!

Moe says giving the gift of feeling beautiful and confident is her favorite part of her job.




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Mary Friona

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