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What exactly goes into the decision to go 24/7 Christmas music?!

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Have you ever wondered just what goes into the decision to go 24/7 with Christmas music?  We sure did. So we asked our good friends at STAR 102.5!

Here’s what morning host, Rob Lucas told me,

“We are sooooo happy to be Buffalo’s Christmas Station for the 17th straight year! Listeners who are into Christmas music are rabid…kind of like Bills fans. They start hitting us up on social media and asking us to flip even before Halloween. But after doing it for so many years, early November seems to be the best time for just about everyone.

We’ve gone earlier, and we’ve gone later. The decision is based on weather, national and world events, and the general mood of the city. Christmas music is the ultimate comfort food for the soul, and with the weather being a bit dreary and there being some very heavy news stories of late (shootings), the timing seemed perfect for Christmas music to put a smile on listeners faces. Our social media sites bare that out. In the first few hours after flipping, our Facebook page had over 150 shares of our Christmas logo and flip notice, and out of the 200 plus comments, about 90% were positive.

We also take care of listeners who aren’t ready for 24/7 Christmas music. Regular STAR 102.5 music can always be heard on our SCROOGE stream at mystar1025.com for moments when you want to hear Maroon 5, Ed Sheeran, and other favorite artists/music.

And how popular is our Christmas music? Well, we wouldn’t do it if we lost listeners. and we don’t. Broadcasting is a business, and we cater to where there the greatest ratings are!”

Mary Friona

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