Western New Yorker is Headed to Poland to Help Ukrainian Refugees

Sometimes in life you have to follow your heart. No matter where it takes you. Even if that means hopping on an airplane and heading to the other side of the world.

Lydia Dominick is doing just that. The Western New Yorker is headed to Poland – to help those in desperate need. “I’m Polish, I’ve been incredibly impacted by the Slavic people,” Lydia said, “They taught me about food and faith. They were some of the safest people for me in my life and when their country got attacked, I took it personally.”

So, she wants to help. Like, really dig deep, and help. Even if that means flying 4,320 miles to see the need firsthand. Even if that means going away for a week without her husband and daughter. Even if that means leaving her business. Even if that means – well, whatever it means.

Lydia, who owns Buffalo Balloon Company says helping the Ukrainian men, women and children who were forced to flee their homes has become a labor of love deep from within. “I couldn’t sit by and watch, I didn’t know where to start, I just started. It looks like every relationship I’ve ever had in my life has facilitated a larger reach and bigger voice because most of those relationships are with other doers.”

We are, it seems, an entire region of doers. The response has been amazing, “I can’t tell you how many people walked in here crying, happy to give whatever they have, even if it’s not much.”



Buffalo Balloon Company has become a makeshift warehouse for supplies – everything from diapers to medical supplies, tactical equipment and more. And soon, it will be helping those in need. Lydia is heading to Poland on Friday. She’s flying into Warsaw and working her way to the Ukrainian border. She’ll be meeting up with friends to get the supplies into the right hands.

Lydia has already shipped pallets and is bringing ten checked bags on her flight – which will make a difference.

You can help, too.

They need items like medical supplies – gauze, burn care supplies, medical tape, cold medication in pill form, children’s cold medication in chewable or dissolvable.

Venmo @lydia-dominick or you can mail checks to the storefront made out to her. The address is 956 Maple Rd Williamsville NY 14221. Someone will be there from 10-7 everyday this week.

We will have more from Lydia over the next week as she sends photos and videos to us.





Mary Friona