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West Seneca Woman playing Santa has received dozens of letters already!!

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Here’s a quick update to the story below!  Roxann has already received and answered 50 letters! How amazing is that!  Continue to spread the word about this wonderful grandmother who just wants to make children happy!!! 

Roxann Gaghich loves Christmas. Like, she loves it. Always has.

She loves celebrating the holiday and this year, the 65-year old grandmother is taking things up a notch. Or two. 

She’s put up a mailbox at her home. She’s hoping folks will drop letters from their children to Santa inside the box.  She’ll read the letter and answer it.

She’s asking people tell their family, friends, co-workers and anyone with children about the box.

I asked Roxann how it’s going so far and what it all means, “I  am so surprised about all the positive feedback I have gotten. I have always been a fanatic when it comes to Christmas. My license plate is XMAS365. And I live my life with the belief that you need to pay it forward every day. It’s been a tough year in this country. Too much violence and an over abundance of loss and sadness. This is just one tiny gesture to give children a little joy, even if it’s only for a short time. My daughter set up a Little Free Library on Main Street in West Seneca and that is what gave me the initial idea. Any positive impact we can give our youth is a win/win situation.


“I thought I would try something new this year. I have placed a “LETTERS TO SANTA” mailbox on my front lawn up near my porch. My address is 22 Treehaven Road off Mill Road in West Seneca. Bring your children and grandchildren to drop their letters in the box. If there is a return address on the letter, I will answer it. My daughter, Jennifer, has the Little Free Library at 715 Main Street, West Seneca. This is where I got the idea from. Feel free to share this with family and friends. Here’s to a great holiday season!”

A few great points there, right.

It has been a tough year. There is way to much loss and sadness. And of course, any positive impact we can give our children is surely a win-win.

Roxann says anyone is welcome to drop a letter.  She lives at 22 Treehaven Road in West Seneca. She says as long as there’s a return address, she’ll write back.

She’s already written her first letter.

There is so much good and kindness in the world – that is what we have to celebrate!  Thank you, Roxann for reminding all of us just how important that is. Merry Christmas!!!!

Mary Friona

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Mary Friona

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    Mary Fitzpatrick


    This home belonged to my in-laws, Edward and Helen Furlani, until they passed away. It was so difficult to sell the home because it was filled with children, grandchildren and great grandchildren and an endless supply of love.
    To see how the Gaghich family have filled that home with spirit and family, warms our hearts. My in laws were welcoming, kind, selfless people and would be so grateful to the Gaghich’s. God bless them❤


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