Update On Bella’s Bumbas – Some GREAT news!

One of the reasons we started Totally Buffalo was to share stories about the incredible people, places and things that represent our wonderful home. To help make a difference. Even a small one.

Last week, we brought you the story of retired grandparents who have made it their mission to help special kids by building special chairs. (READ STORY HERE).  Rebecca and Martin Parzynski first made a special Bumba chair for their little niece, Isabella, who was born with Spina Bifida. The chair changed the way the sweet baby got around, changed her attitude and made her happy!

Rebecca told me once they saw Isabella so happy, they knew they had to make more. They had to help other kids, too. So they started Bella’s Bumbas and have received requests from around the country and have about 11 chairs in the works.

That’s amazing, right?!

So, here’s more to celebrate. Isabella’s father, Jeffrey Shorr tells me that since our story ran…

Valu Home Centers has offered to donate – not only product, but labor as well. How amazing is that?! They’ll be helping to make more chairs! Thank you to the folks at Valu!

Also, a company called handicappedpets.com has donated 11 sets of 12″ wheels and are also giving generous discounts to purchase additional ones.

Jeffrey  says it all means a great deal to his family.

Channel 4 and 7 are both doing interviews in the coming days, as well as WROC in Rochester and the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle.

This is one of those grassroots efforts by folks that just want to help others. That truly is something to celebrate. Please help if you can!




Mary Friona