Saddened to share the news of Toby’s death…

We are saddened to share the news of Toby’s death.

The folks at Buffalo Underdogs Rescue have posted the sad news on Facebook.

“It is with truly broken hearts that we share with you all that Toby is no longer with us. We received a call last night that he had aspirated fluid into his lungs. They intubated him, but he never fully recovered. They put him into a medically induced coma and his breathing rate never slowed. His doctor advised us that he was not suffering, but would likely never wake up. We rushed to be there with him to say our goodbyes and hold him during his passing ?

Toby was the most special dog we have ever had the pleasure of pulling from Texas. He was the most gentle, happy fella, even after all he had been through. We are all just gutted that he is no longer here with us. Every time we look at our logo, let it remind us why we do this. We will rescue on in his name. So many more need us. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this sweet boy’s journey. We know he belonged to all of us. ? We love you, Toby ?”






It’s hard to believe the difference in the photos shared by Buffalo Underdogs Rescue.

“Toby was left to die, trapped in someone’s yard who did not feed him or give him water for an extended amount of time,” The folks at Buffalo Underdogs shared, “Toby’s dog brother, who was also trapped in the yard, did not survive. He died moments after being rescued and taken to the veterinarian.”

Toby had absolutely no food in his belly, and his temperature would not read on a thermometer. Toby came from Texas, where it had become very cold – and he did not have any shelter.


“We don’t understand why this happened, but we do know how thankful we are that Toby is here with us today. Toby is the sweetest, gentlest dog that we have come across in a long time. His recovery has been slow, as he was so heavily infested with worms and his skin was covered with sores. We found him the food that he loves, and now he is thriving in his foster home.”

Toby has at least 10 more pounds to gain. But, so far, he is exceeding all expectations! Way to go Toby.

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Mary Friona