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Through devastation there is optimism! Fire destroys popular Lewiston restaurant – but they remain Lewiston Strong

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The fire left many in shock. Flames ripped through Brickyard Grill and BBQ – an extremely popular Lewiston eatery around 10 pm on Tuesday – destroying Brickyard Pub & BBQ.
Thankfully, nobody was inside the building when tragedy struck – but there is massive damage. It took crews until 3 am to break the fire.


The owners of the restaurant shared some optimism on social media this morning.
“A massive fire broke out at BBC and has caused enormous damage. Our sign still remains in our window though “LEWISTON STRONG”. The support of our community already is unbelievable. THANK GOD nobody was in the building when this happened. Thank you to every first responder who helped contain this and we will rebuild and be better than ever!”
Make no mistake about it – this restaurant is one of the most popular in the Village of Lewiston.


These photos are from this morning. They were taken by Victoria DeVantier who told me she is heartbroken. “Feeling so broken but they will come back stronger than ever.” That is the sentiment on social media. So many in the community now rallying around the business and family.

We are sending our best to our friends at Brickyard – we know with their own resolve and community support – they will be back – better than ever!!!!

If 2020 couldn’t be enough of a kick in the balls, tonight we faced our most difficult tragedy ever. A massive fire…

Posted by Brickyard Pub & BBQ on Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Photos courtesy of Victoria DeVantier

Mary Friona

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