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They’re baaack. The 11-Day-Power-Play hits the ice again!

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Well, if you haven’t heard, the 11-Day-Power-Play team is back and ready for action. Mike and Amy Lesakowski were blown away by last year’s success, “Yes! It really sets in after some time passes how much time, effort and resources was contributed by a lot of really generous and passionate people,” Mike said, “We are very proud of that event.”
For Mike and Amy, raising that kind of money – more than one million dollars – was amazing, “It felt great, and it made us want to continue. It wasn’t lost on us that we were on to something good, so we thought we would be remiss not to take advantage of our brand recognition and positive momentum. That’s why we came up with the 2018 event.”
So they’re bringing it back this year, but it’s a bit different, “Yes, several key aspects have changed. Last year 40 players, 2 teams of 20, participated. This year we are calling it the 11 Day Power Play Community Shift…we are going to play an 11 day game but open to teams from the community who agree to play at least one 4-hour shift and set a minimum $5,000 fundraising goal per team. We are looking for approximately 120 teams and 1,800 players. It will be a lot of fun.” And Mike says there are many ways for folks to get involved from volunteering at the event, to playing, to sponsorships, to donations. 

Mike’s wife, Amy went through successful cancer surgery and treatment at Roswell Park Cancer Institute in 2009, which he says is his inspiration. 



If you missed it last year, The 11-Day-Power-Play was a Guinness World Record hockey game featuring 40 fearless players who spent – get this – 250 hours on the ice!  Yes. 250 hours. On the ice. Yes, a fierce fight. But, as Mike says – nothing compared to the battle cancer patients face every day.

For Mike and Amy, this is really about making a difference in the world,  “Seeing all the people every day at the rink playing for a common goal, making many new friendships along the way, and hopefully making a significant contribution to the fight against cancer by donating a lot of money to Roswell and other beneficiaries…of course we are attempting to surpass our past success, just in a slightly different manner.”
If you would like to help, there are many ways to take part! Check out 11daypowerplay.com for more information and save the dates – July 5 to July 15, 2018.



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