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They ‘made a wish’ – and it turned out amazing. These little girls will – MELT. YOUR. HEART.

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I’ve written about little Ella Wintringer a few times now. She’s just the sweetest.

The little girl from Orchard Park – lives with a terrible, painful motility disorder. (a condition in which the patient suffers from bloating, pain, nausea, and vomiting – as a result of intestinal muscle issues that wreak havoc on the entire digestive system). Ella’s mother, Jamie made a Facebook Page with information about her illness, treatment, and more.

That page, turned into a life-line of sorts for a mom from Wisconsin and her little girl, BrieAnn. Both families felt less alone. Both little girls found a friend who knew exactly how they felt.

There is something incredibly powerful about knowing that you are not alone. Knowing there is someone out there who knows exactly what you are going through.

The two families became fast friends. What happened next is absolutely wonderful.

Make-A-Wish Wisconsin put this amazing video together. And I mean amazing.

Just knowing I may have had the tiniest bit to do with this makes me so happy.

It was about a year ago and I was talking to the Wintringers about Make-A-Wish.  Explaining that, although a common misconception, wishes are not only for terminally ill children.

They are not for a specific socioeconomic group.  Geography has nothing to do with it.  Wishes are for children battling a potentially life-threatening disease.  Any child facing such a disease – can have a wish. Should have a wish.  Deserves a wish.

Although I no longer have the time to work with Make-A-Wish, I will always support their mission. Because wishes do give children joy when they need it most. Wishes can help a child find just a bit more strength to fight their disease. And wishes create lasting memories for an entire family.

As for Ella and Brie – they have a beautiful and special bond.


Mary Friona

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