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The wait is on as the Village of Fredonia waits for word – Did they win the Small Business Revolution?!?!

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UPDATE: The Village of Fredonia WON the Small Business Revolution!!!


As the saying goes – the waiting is the hardest part! Right now, folks in the Village of Fredonia are living that motto as they wait and wait and wait!

The Village is in the running for an amazing opportunity – to win the Small Business Revolution!

“Small Business Revolution,” is a reality show you can check out on Hulu or Amazon Prime. Each season centers around one community. The show helps out small businesses by putting $500,000 into various businesses in that community, helping to revitalize them.

The Chautauqua Chamber of Commerce wrote on their website:

“It’s been an amazing few weeks for the Village of Fredonia as thousands of people regionally pitched in to help in Fredonia’s quest for Season 5 of Small Business Revolution. The winning community will be announced at 8pm, Tuesday, January 28 at the Fredonia Opera House.”

So, win or lose – they will find out together on Tuesday at the Fredonia Opera House!!

Fingers crossed!!!!!

Mary Friona

Mary Friona

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