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The Hope Project of WNY – providing hope and much more

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There are many organizations in our community with a mission to help those in need. And they all do amazing things. The Hope Project of WNY is one of them.

The Hope Project of WNY is available to provide temporary assistance with clothing, toiletries, and household items for folks struggling for a variety of reasons, including – job loss, catastrophic event, domestic violence, terminal or serious illness. They also help our veterans who need it.

Most organizations rely on generous volunteers to keep things moving along. That is certainly the case for The Hope Project, where it absolutely takes a village. People like Caitlin Vazquez – who provides free haircuts, once a week, to members of the project. Dee Miller, the Founder of The Hope Project of WNY says having volunteers, like Caitlin makes their mission possible, “We are grateful to have Caitlin in our community. It’s not everyday that someone who is trained in a craft will volunteer their time to help others less fortunate – especially when it’s the way she makes her living and would otherwise get paid for providing the service.”And she adds, those free haircuts are a big deal, “As far as our members, a haircut on the low side would be at least $10 anywhere else. Times that by a family of 5 and Caitlin just enabled that family to use that money (minimally $50) for other needs. It’s difficult when you are struggling, and we know that. Caitlin knows that. We, along with Caitlin feel that something as simple as a haircut can help these families feel cared for and we respect that need.”

As for Caitlin, it’s not about the praise or recognition, it’s about doing the right thing, “I love helping people and since I was in school I decided that I would help people who can’t effort something. I always said a good haircut leads to a good day, so helping people has been my passion. I was always raised to pay it forward, and there, people are less fortunate, so being able to help is always a great feeling.”
The Hope Project helps those who might otherwise fall through the cracks. The working poor, those who work hard everyday, yet struggle at times. These folks, in our community, our neighborhoods, need to know we all care. Dee says that’s why people – like Caitlin – are a blessing, “Not only is it a great feeling to look your best, it gives our clients help, dignified help from a generous trained professional. Caitlin is one of a kind and the entire Hope Project community is lucky to have her.”

If you, or someone you know, needs help – OR if you’d like to help others – you can contact The Hope Project of WNY.

By the way, I love the name of this project because I believe that – If you have HOPE, you have everything.

Mary Friona

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