The Curtain Opens at Shea’s With Disney’s Frozen!!

And here we go!

Many folks have been waiting more than a year to get back to live theater!  AND boy, what a warm welcome the audience gave to the cast of Disney’s Frozen!


The show was stunning! The sets were absolutely breathtaking. The frozen fiords, Elsa’s Ice Castle, the ice-covered woodlands – all just beautiful. The tour, which kicked off in Buffalo after being canceled on Broadway, is just over two hours long, including a short intermission.

The show does vary a bit from the movie and includes several new songs! The show was very funny, entertaining and at times gave us chills! I loved the music, which I expected – but what I didn’t expect – that really impressed me – was the actual acting! The lines were delivered in a quick-witted way that kept the show moving along. The kids who played young Anna – Victoria Hope Chan and young Elsa – Natalie Grace Chan were wonderful. Sven and Olaf were also a big hit! This show is a gem and my girls, 6, 9 and 25 loved every single minute!

The bottom line – it is good to be back! “Finally, live theatre is back, and it couldn’t come soon enough,” said Michael G. Murphy, President of Shea’s Performing Arts Center. “Not only will these productions be spending money in our community, but they will also hire local workers and create hundreds of jobs. It has been a long road to get back, but the future is bright in Buffalo’s Theatre District. Arts and culture are vital for a thriving economy – which in turn builds better-connected communities while elevating the quality of life in our region.”

As a mom of four girls, with two sisters of my own, the sister bond always gets me choked up!

It was joyous and triumphant and we left feeling wonderful – these days, that means more than ever!

Face coverings are required during the entire show and there are no concessions at all.

The show plays through September 2th. Tickets are available and you can find them and more information at

Mary Friona