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The Big Bang

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Emma’s Blog!


Hello everyone. I’m back. It’s been a while since I’ve blogged; I’ve been busy with school, dance, and gymnastics.

I’m so excited to tell you about one of my favorite things. It’s called The Big Bang. (Mom says to remind you all that it is NOT the television show that we are talking about)



It happened about 14-billion years ago. That’s a long, long, long, long time ago. Basically it is what started our universe. It started as a rock and then exploded when it got super hot. Then, it cooled down and formed planets, stars, and even life. If it wasn’t for the big bang, you wouldn’t exist.


One of Emma’s favorite books!

Here’s the thing, the Big Bang isn’t done banging yet. It keeps expanding and will keep expanding forever.

Sometimes when I think about space, it makes me wonder what is out there. What do you think is out there?

Bye, and have a great Sunday.


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2 thoughts on “The Big Bang

  • Gina

    Hi Emma! I love your blog, and I think space is super cool, too. I bet you didn’t know that your great-uncle Bob, my dad, helped train the Apollo 12 astronauts back in the 70’s, when he worked for Bell Aerospace. They were using equipment that he helped develop. His job wasn’t always as exciting as that, but he never forgot Apollo 12. Keep writing, and give my love to your family.

  • Aunt Teri

    You are AMAZING….At 6 yrs young to be so intune with the Universe is OUTSTANDING!! Super proud of you sweetie ??❤

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