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Falls kids go above and beyond for Roswell Park!

I mean take a look at that big check – $650 for Roswell Park Cancer Institute – collected by kids.  The students at GJ Mann Elementary School in Niagara Falls raise money for Roswell every year. This year – get this – they raised FIVE TIMES as much as they usually do! How amazing is […]

Brave Run – An incredible show of support for a special little girl!

You can mark this as reason number 12,677,455,251 why we LOVE Buffalo and WNY. I mean, seriously. A little background here. We first told you about an incredible little girl who is doing some amazing things. (READ ORIGINAL STORY) Adorable Ella – who lives with a terrible, painful motility disorder. (a condition in which the […]

The Hope Project of WNY – providing hope and much more

There are many organizations in our community with a mission to help those in need. And they all do amazing things. The Hope Project of WNY is one of them. The Hope Project of WNY is available to provide temporary assistance with clothing, toiletries, and household items for folks struggling for a variety of reasons, including […]