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Superhero walk will be epic as Children’s Hospital prepares for new home

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If you or your child were ever a patient at Women & Children’s Hospital – get ready for the Kiss Cares for Kids Superhero Walk! Or maybe you’re very fortunate and never needed the hospital for your child. Still, get ready.

Perhaps your baby was born there.  Maybe you’ve just seen or heard about the wonderful work that has been done at the hospital over the past 125 years. Yes, you can get ready, too. Get ready to take part in an epic walk of support. A huge housewarming party of sorts.

Mark your calendar for April 29 – that’s when hundreds or thousands of people will walk – together – from the current hospital on Bryant to the new Oishei Children’s Hospital campus on Ellicott Street. There will be a picnic at the end for all walkers.

This Super-Hero walk is a way for the community to rally around the hospital, its staff, and patients. They are inviting the community – who has been a huge part of the past 125 years. They’re inviting current patients, past patients, schools, businesses, and others to their new home and beginning of a new legacy.

So ….

Were you were born at Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo?
Did you deliver your baby at Children’s Hospital?
Have been a volunteer or fundraiser for Children’s Hospital?
Are you a doctor or a nurse or staff member at Children’s?
Do you care about Children’s Hospital?

If so, pre-register and help continue to make a difference. Individual, family or large group. Individual – $25, Family (up to 5) – $50. Groups – $10 per person.

The event, being support by Kiss 98.5 will be a pre-event to the annual radio-thon which takes place on May 12.

For more information and to register. 




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