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Sunflower Fields Forever… 150,000 to be exact!!! Why did the farmers plant them? Here’s why…

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After seeing so many awesome posts about the Sunflower Field in Sanborn – we just had to check it out. And I’m so glad we did.

I asked the farmers –  Chad and Louise Brachmann from Danielewicz Farm Inc. – why they planted the seeds, “It started out as just something colorful instead of a bare field with weeds growing in it,so my wife Louise decided she wanted to plant sunflowers so we did.” That’s it. Apparently, it’s that simple.

There are approx 150,000 sunflowers in that field!

And – I also got this little tease from Chad, “But if you think that’s cool wait till you see what we have planned for next year!!”  Despite my best efforts – I couldn’t get a scoop!

For now, this field is what we have. And it’s beautiful. There are sunflowers for as far as you can see. We saw dozens of people there – cars parked along both sides of the street – just to check it out and take some pictures! The girls LOVED looking at the beautiful flowers. (warning – there are some serious bees there!)

We stayed for about 45 minutes – just looking around and taking pictures!

To be honest, we weren’t sure what to expect. It’s literally just a huge field of flowers there for our enjoyment.

The field is on the corner of Baer Road and Saunders Settlement Road in Sanborn.  You can find many adorable and interesting pictures on their Facebook page!

Thank you to all of the folks who’ve shared pictures with Totally Buffalo! Here are some of our favorites!





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