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Sunflower Lovers – Here’s Your Chance!! Sunflower Fields Forever!

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It’s one of the best times of the year!!

Oh my goodness.

The beauty. The flowers. The photo-ops.


We have loved sharing the story of the beautiful sunflower field in Sanborn. The gorgeous field became a destination for many folks who wanted to see what all the fuss was about. It’s one of our favorite things to do!

They are now open daily from 8 am-8 pm.

Stop out and enjoy over 10 acres of Sunflowers! They have over 6 different varieties. They also have concessions and a general store with sunflower merchandise!

The flowers are stunning. Folks flock to the fields to take pic after pic.

We’ve been following the flowers for years now.


We even shared a story about a proposal that happened right there in the midst of all that yellow.

If you think YOU liked the Sanborn Sunflower Field – wait until you hear about Jess and Patrick

And now, they’re at it again!  Chad and Louise Brachmann from Danielewicz Farm have prepped the field, planted the seeds and now it’s truly time to stop and see the flowers!


If you’re wondering just how and why the field came to be, I asked the farmers –  Chad and Louise Brachmann that very question, “It started out as just something colorful instead of a bare field with weeds growing in it, so my wife Louise decided she wanted to plant sunflowers so we did.”

That’s it. Apparently, it’s that simple. They love how happy they made so many people.

The field is on the corner of Baer Road and Saunders Settlement Road in Sanborn.

They have plenty of cool things happening – for more information go to sunflowersofsanborn.com.


Sunflower Fields Forever… 150,000 to be exact!!! Why did the farmers plant them? Here’s why…


Mary Friona

Mary Friona

Following my heart with my husband and four daughters. An Emmy Award winning journalist lucky enough to work in television & radio for 20 years - seeing wonderful places, meeting great people and telling their stories.

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    Frederick Rainey


    Can’t wait. Aug 21st is our 20th wedding anniversary. I have something special planned for my wife that day right in those sunflower fields. We have a 19 and 6 year old daughters. We also have our first so on the way June 16th. We will all be there in your fields on this special day. Cant wait. See you Aug 21st.

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