Spotlight Interview: Former WKBW Anchor – Ann Edwards

She was the face of Eyewitness News for years. Sitting alongside, Irv Weinstein, Rick Azar and Tom Jolls at 11 p.m.

What a crew!

Ann also anchored the weekends, noon, and she started Live at Five with Keith Radford, and Good Morning Western New York with Mike Randall.  From 1984-1993 she came into our living rooms to tell us what was happening.

These days, Ann is selling real estate.

Originally from Montreal, Quebec – Ann has called Buffalo home for decades. We caught up with her recently for our #Spotlight Interview.

Q: First of all – thank you for doing this – you inspired so many in your time as a journalist/anchor – what are you up to these days?

A: I dabbled in real estate since 1991, while still working in television. I left my full time position at Channel 7 in 1993 and worked part time at Channel 2 in 1995. Since then I have devoted myself exclusively to my Sellers and Buyers. I have owned three brokerages and am presently a Co-owner and Broker of REALTY EDGE Inc. We are proud of our very progressive and unique transaction fee business model that allows our more than 70 agents to control their individual practices and to be very handsomely rewarded for their hard work. We have four offices, one is in downtown Buffalo, another in Amherst, a third in Orchard Park and a fourth in Ellicottville.

Q: You were on air during the real bright days for channel 7 – what was it like?

A: My experience at WKBW was amazing! I traveled to Poland, the Soviet Union, and across the United States. I covered the Pope’s visit to Toronto. the Drug Free America conference in Washington, met several US presidents, flew with the Blue Angels, was on a soap opera and even covered the Academy Awards. There was never a dull moment. Western New Yorkers were always so welcoming. The PEOPLE I met were always the best part. Everyday brought a new challenge, it was intoxicating and I loved it!!!

Q: What do you think about the local media and journalism in general these days?

A: There’s been a shift in all markets. When I began in 1984, Buffalo had three major network affiliated stations plus three other local stations. Now we share the television dial with hundreds of cable stations. The advertising dollar is split so many more ways and so is the viewership. It’s tough. Revenue is down, the completion is stiff. I still always watch our local news to keep up with what’s happening here at home.

Q: Do you still get recognized where ever you go?

A: Initially, whenever I went on a real estate appointment, I was the TV LADY. It took 3-4 years for that to change. I’ve been gone for more than 20 years, but viewers have very long memories. People will remind me of stories I did, family members I met and they’ll talk about places I’ve been and ask lots of questions. It’s always very flattering!

Q: Are you still close with any of the folks you worked with? Have you talked with Irv since his horrible diagnosis?

A: I still talk and love to catch up with people I have worked with who are still in TV and many who have left it. I have also followed Irv’s story with great sadness.

Q: What do you miss most, if anything, about your job in journalism?

A: I loved meeting and interacting with THE PEOPLE in our community and sharing their stories. They were so warm and welcoming!

Q: You sell real estate, tell us about some of the amazing homes you’ve sold. And what it’s like these days in such a hot market.

A: I’ve sold close to 1500 properties, some very expensive and many others that were not. I love the challenge of helping someone make the right move, whether they are SELLING or BUYING, whatever their price range. Every deal is different, I just want my clients to have a smooth transition in every stage through to close and beyond. We are in a very hot SELLERS’ market now. Homes priced to sell are going to multiple bids and over asking.

Q: What do you think about the incredible resurgence in Buffalo?

A: It’s fantastic! Thanks to some very dedicated forward thinking WNYers, we are seeing what we have long wished and waited for. Buffalo is an extraordinary place to live and finally we are getting the national attention and recognition we so richly deserve!

Q: What makes you Totally Buffalo?

A: I’ve had several opportunities to leave WNY, but every time I return to Buffalo, I realized I wasn’t going to trade up. Buffalo has warm and wonderful people with a great work ethic, it’s rich culturally, the food is fabulous, traffic is manageable and it’s one of the most affordable places to live anywhere. It really doesn’t get better!! I am transplant with my feet firmly planted here! Western New York has been so good to me and I’m very grateful!

We are so happy that you’ve stayed all these years!  Thanks, Ann!!!

If you’re in the market for a new home or selling yours, get in touch with Ann! 


Mary Friona


  1. I was an intern at Ch. 7 when Ann was working there, along with Nona Barbie, Sherry Margolies, Penny Daniels and many others! It was a great time and wonderful experience!

  2. I always loved Ann Edwards, she is so beautiful.

  3. From the picture, I thought for a moment that the article was going to be about Ann get busted for drugs!

    Glad that’s not the case!

  4. We had some AWESOME times on Good Morning Western New York! FIVE YEARS at #1. Happy memories. And don’t forget “Liberty Weekend” 1986!! Miss you Ann Edwards! You’re the best.

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