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Shark Girl is missing from Canalside. No worries, she’s just getting a spring clean-up!

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She is, without a doubt, one of the most photographed girls in Buffalo. We’re sorry to say, Shark Girl Buffalo will be out of the public eye for a few weeks, as she gets a spring cleaning.

The folks at The Albright-Knox Art Gallery tell me it’s a sort of Spa Treatment for her.

Andrew Mayer, Communications Coordinator for the Gallery says it’s a spring thing, “It’s something we’ve done the last two springs as well, she loses a little paint and gets some scratching from all the selfie love.”

The scheduled maintenance should take a few weeks, and then the refreshed Shark Girl will be right back where she belongs, At Canalside!

The Shark Girl is half-girl, half-shark and has taken more selfies than Kim Kardashian!

We’ll miss you Shark Girl!!

(Thank you to the folks at the Gallery for the picture of Shark Girl at the museum waiting for her spa day!)




Mary Friona

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