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Puppies dumped, left for dead at busy intersection – Local rescue vows to help them!

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The folks at Buffalo Underdog Rescue have been very busy lately.

They posted a call to action to help some adorable puppies. And we mean – adorable!

Here’s their post.

Scared, sick and all alone, these four tiny puppies were found running around a busy intersection, probably dumped by their “owner”. A good Samaritan found them and was kind enough to bring them to the animal shelter. One passed away, sick with coccidia. The others have been fighting for their lives. They have been treated for the coccidia that killed their sister, as well as the sarcoptic mange making their skin so raw and painful to the touch. They are slowly getting healthier, but they are not out of the woods yet. All donations we receive through the Spring It On Campaign will go directly to their medical care and transport to NY. We want to give these puppies a fighting chance.

Can you help us help these underdogs? Please click the link below to donate ?https://www.springiton.org/organizations/buffalo-underdogs-rescue

Help if you can.


Mary Friona

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