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Orchard Park Kids Lemonade AND Cookie Stand Will Benefit Roswell Park

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Get your dollars ready, folks! You’re gonna want to make a detour this Sunday, right into Orchard Park!

The Wabick Kids Lemonade and Cookie stand is back – to benefit Roswell Park! This is a pretty amazing thing, actually.

Jason and Bobbie Wabick, along with their children – Joscelyn, Jude, Jianna and Jessica are not only hosting a lemonade and cookie stand to benefit Roswell Park, they are taking part in the Ride for Roswell. Again.


And you guys, this is not just a friendly little bike ride. Jason and Joscelyn will be riding 20 miles and
Bobbie, Jude and Jianna will go 10 miles!!!

You can call it a tradition.

They have a very good reason for riding.

The kids will be riding in honor of their Grandma Vera DeGrand and Grandpa Rocci DeGrand again this year. Their Grandpa Rocci was diagnosed with Cancer last year and is currently under treatment. Grandma Vera has recieved two bone marrow transplants and is currently under treatment for her cancer. The kids have so much passion in helping find a cure for all people suffering from cancer and whose lives have been lost from cancer.


So, this is the beginning, a stand to raise money. Everything is $1.00! Homemade Cookies and Fresh Lemonade.

This is the seventh year! Their very first stand made $2oo. Last year – they raised $3,000.


This year their goal is to $3,400!


So stop by and support the kids as they support Roswell!!!

From noon to 4 p.m. on Sunday, June 3rd!

49 Hillsboro Drive, Orchard Park

They even have to-go bags and cups and you can just drive through!!!

Remember, when it comes to finding a cure for cancer – every dollar counts! Way to go, kids!!


Mary Friona

Mary Friona

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