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OP Girl makes sweet delivery to sick kids. And, it’s not her first time.

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Ella Wintringer is a force for good! The 9-year-old always seems to be doing something to help make the world a better place. A few months ago, she was collecting race medals to give as part of a ‘Brave Tote’ filled with the medals and lots of other goodies – all given out to sick children. Amazing, right?!  (READ MORE HERE)

Determined, too!








Well, this incredible little girl is at it again!

She collected supplies – like crayons, paints, books, and other fun items, and put them into Halloween bags. She called them Halloween Cinch Sacs! Ella and her mom, Jamie – then delivered them to the kids who are battling cancer. Get this – she delivered 87 of them. 87! Can you believe that! 87!!!!!


Jamie, Ella’s mom posted about what it all means, “Thank you Courage of Carly Fund at Roswell Park for the tour of the new, beautiful pediatric center!!! We hope everyone enjoys Ella’s Halloween cinch sacs; donated by Ella’s gracious supporters and filled with love by Ella and family. The facility is absolutely stunning and will bring comfort in times of difficulty. Ella had so much fun doing this fundraiser for you. Thank you for this amazing opportunity to learn and grow. Although Ella has never needed to experience the wonderful care of Roswell, she knows what tests, treatments, surgeries and hospital stays are like. Praying for all of the children at Roswell. Thank you to the community for your amazing support too!”


Yes, Ella knows what it is like to be sick; stuck in the hospital, feeling yucky. She knows that kind gestures can and do make you feel better, if only for a few minutes. They can take your mind off of your treatment, your pain. Ella suffers from a rare motility disorder. She’s endured countless doctor visits, procedures, pain, hospital stays, and way too much suffering. Motility disorders are painful and the patient often suffers from bloating, pain, nausea, and vomiting – as a result of intestinal muscle issues – that wreak havoc on the entire digestive system.


Ella has traveled to Boston and other areas for treatment. Her parents, Nate and Jamie Wintringer – unbelievable advocates for their little girl -finally found help at Nationwide Children’s Hospital Motility Center in Columbus, Ohio – where Ella now goes for diagnostic testing and treatment.  She recently had major surgery there, and we are happy to say things went well and Ella is doing great. She is one tough kid.  And she knows what it’s like – which is why she helps children whenever she can!



Way to go Ella! Thank you for reminding us that each of every one of us has the power to make a difference in this world!



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