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One man is jamming – and everyone loves it.

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Damon Robertson has been jamming for 22 years!


He makes jams and jellies that fly of shelves and he’s been doing so since he was 16. It started, as most amazing things do, with an incredible mother and grandmother who both loved to cook.  Damon’s love for cooking comes from them.

It was a great foundation, which was further enhanced when Damon went to work at Lombardi’s Dairy, where they taught him how to make jam.  The owners used to serve the jam to the farmers who would stop in, eat, and chat.

It turned into a love of preserves. And Dragonfly Jams and Jellies was born.

What a sweet five years it’s been.

 So what makes Dragonfly different? Damon says one major thing – real fruit! “We like to call it “Grandma’s Jam!” I go to the local farms & get the finest of Niagara Country Heritage Fruits to make my preserves, jams & jellies!  With the exception of pineapple, mango, citrus & cranberries, my fruit is real, fresh & local! The fruit is largely hand cut for authenticity! People tell me time & time again….. “I haven’t had jam like this since my Grandmother’s!” It’s truly so simple….real fruit, real sugar, real love!
No preservatives. No high-fructose corn syrup. Just fruit and sugar. And love.
Damon says he likes to get a bit carried away when it comes to presentation,  “Dragonfly loves to get dressed up! All of our jars are adorned with hand-cut seasonal fabrics and presented on rustic antique wooden boxes & such! Dragonfly also prides itself on the unusual! We love to create flavors that you just can’t find at any old jam stand! Carrot Cake Jam, Rustic Pear, Aloha Plum…. just to name a few!”
Damon says Dragonfly is a taste of tradition, “Canning & Jamming are family traditions largely lost on folks these days! It connects folks with their past, some their favorite memories of loved ones! But who has the time?”
Dragonfly does!

Find Dragonfly on Facebook.

And in these local stores: 

Kissle Country Tin, Wheatfield

Elm Street Bakery, East Aurora

Butter Crumb Baker, Corfu

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