New Countertop Construction is simply amazing!

Well color me happy.

Actually, color me white marble with chunks of dark and light gray.

Well, not me, my counter tops!

Let me explain.

I really wanted new counter tops – and quite frankly, the marble or granite we looked at were pretty pricey. So, I did some research – and I found a pretty darn good solution, if I do say so myself.

Have you ever heard of concrete counter tops? Neither did I.  It’s a thing. It’s a relatively new thing here in Buffalo and WNY.

They pour the concrete/epoxy mix right over your existing counter top – whatever it may be. Then, they paint the look you want.

Here are my before and after photos.


I know, right!? Quite a difference. (I still have work to do on the cupboards and hardware)

It’s nice, but it is really the process that is pretty cool.

Thomas Winarske owns Concrete Countertoppers and says folks are loving this


Q: How does it work?

A: It is a concrete or epoxy decorative overlay, applied directly over pre-existing surfaces without any demolition.


Q: How long does it take?

A: It depends on the job. Bathroom vanities can be done in one day, but a normal kitchen would be three days. One is prep work. One is the actual work and one is clean up.



Q: How much does it cost?

A: Again it depends on the job. Design dictates price, but we range around $39 to $69 per square foot. Which is at least half the price of granite, maybe more.



Q: Is it heat resistant?

A: Yes. Up to 500 degrees.

Q: How do you get the design?

A: We paint it exactly how the client likes it.


Yep, they just add the lines and design it, all the while, the client looks on and gives immediate, real-time feedback!  And in the end – you have exactly what YOU want.



You can have rough edges, or smooth. I liked the rough for a little ‘edge’ but the good news is they don’t feel rough at all.

It took three days, total. One day for prep. One day for the actual process. One day for cleanup. It was quick, easy and pretty cool.

You can get more information on the process and a free estimate by calling Concrete Countertoppers at 716-228-2727.

(They are in the midst of a name-change – going from BTPoxycrete to Concrete Countertoppers)

Here is a Facebook live video that received more than 8,000 views.

Mary Friona


  1. Hi Mary. Did they go up the wall 3 inches with this or was that part already there? My counter top extends up the wall abour 3 inches and I was wondering if they can cover that too.

    1. Author

      The old counters went three inches up – so they went right over it!

  2. They made a horrible mess with mine…. This was a complete nightmare!

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